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By: nad8297 | 2016-03-18 16:31:44
Minimize Your Wardrobe
Replying to: @nad8297 | By: nad8297 | 2016-03-18 16:31:44
Ever wonder to yourself... "Aye! I got to much clothes!" Well today topic is about Fashion! (Feel free to hop in & give advice.) OUTFITS! ---> That's the main key. Having dress clothes is always require sometime. Such as situation you have to be place... - Church - Interview - Work - Important Event (Gotta look sharp!) - Date? (If you want to be fancy) Suit is usually the full set of the dress wardrobe. I can tell you that it play a lot in your life so have at least 2-3. Suit sure can create some decent outfit just play with it. BLAZER - You can wear it with your fav. T_SHIRT & a pair of JEANS(prefer DARK jeans) & just throw on some OXFORDS. DRESS SHIRT - Dress shirt you don't always need to wear them with CHINO. You ca always where them with JEANS. CHINO - Be creative... What I like to wear with them sometime is tennis shoe & a t-shirt along. OXFORDS - Can wear with JEANS don't always got to be with CHINO/DRESS SHIRT. Stay connected for future UPDATE. (If you have any suggestions please leave a comment.) "By the way important thing is it also save $!"
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