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By: kbif900am | 2014-08-01 14:40:16
Hmong Story Cloth
Replying to: @kbif900am | By: kbif900am | 2014-08-01 14:40:16
Written By: Kong Her
Every culture throughout history has some form of art to express or document their history and way of life. For the Hmong, this is in the form of the story cloth which depicts the life of the Hmong people in Asia, and their plight to America. Hmong Women are well known for their needle art skills, a tradition that has been passed on from mother to daughter for over five thousand years. Traditionally, a story cloth was made for family use. Today, it serves as a reminder of not only ones culture but as a way to show others about Hmong people’s way of life in Asia. Today the story cloth has been sold and enjoyed by many people throughout the world.
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