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KBIF900AM HMONG RADIO - KBIF 900AM Suab Hmoob Radio Xov Tooj Cua

KBIF 900 AM, the Valley's Asian Voice broadcast 24/ 7 throughout the greater Central Valley since 1965. We serve the asian communities including Hmong, Punjabi and Laotian. Thank you for your conitnuing support of KBIF900AM.

If you are tired of spending thousands of dollars on Advertising and not getting the results you expect, look no further because here at KBIF900AM we help your business grow by reaching out to the Asian Community effectively and in a low cost way. KBIF 900AM a hmong radio station which serves the Greater Fresno Area for over 17 years, will help you produce your commercial spots at an affordable price, even free production during special offerings. Call Us today or contact our sales rep and advertise to increase your business revenues.




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